Supporting Teens In Need

About Us

Keep Area Teens Safe, Inc. - Hillcrest House

KATS (Keep Area Teens Safe) is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) youth shelter care facility serving runaway and homeless youth as a bridge to services for kids in unstable situations in Marathon County. We will provide safe and secure housing, meals, case management including connection to mentorship and academic support, and other community services for youth in central Wisconsin. Our focus is youth ages 12 – 17.


Water and Food


Section Title/Headline

Our Mission

The Need

The data shows 10,000 homeless teenagers in Wisconsin and the middle and high school liaisons struggle with finding places for the ones in our area. Our focus is ages 12 – 17 in an effort to prevent human trafficking, gang violence, and drug addiction. After 48 hours of being homeless, 1/3 or more 12-14 years olds become human trafficking victims. Juvenile crime is on the rise and has significant detrimental impact on our community and business, as well as the lives of both the offender and the victim.

The Mission

To serve the community, by being a bridge between both runaway and homeless youth to existing services designed to help at-risk teenagers. We aim to keep teenagers off the street to decrease the risk for trafficking or drug addiction as well as to offer the services they need to succeed.

The Model

We will provide a safe, welcoming transitional home for up to eight teens at any given time, who have encountered homelessness for one or more reasons. This home will serve as a safe haven for up to 20 days while our outreach staff work to secure a long-term safe living environment for the teenagers.

A Real Change

We will provide also provide meals, case management including connection to mentorship and academic support, and other community services for youth in central Wisconsin. We hope to improve both health and dental problem and be able to track improvements in the same.

With Big Strength

We will work closely with law enforcement, social workers, and high school liaisons among others to identify at-risk teens ages 12 to 17 while partnering with other agencies in the greater Wausau area to increase the pool of available foster care opportunities.

What We Do To Serve Our Youth

Our Values

Contributions of Our Youth

They are capable of not only serving our community now and in the future, but of making our community stronger and safer.

Safe and Non-judgemental

Nothing good can happen to a teenager unless they are in a safe place surrounded by people who care for them and help them in a non-judgmental manner.

Dignity and Respect

Teenagers and all people associated with KATS need to be treated with dignity and respect. In that culture, anything can be accomplished.

Self-determination and Individual Responsibility

Choices made by teenagers and their families are the foundations of the future of not only the teenager but also of the community.