Tuesday 8 March 2022

Used Smart Phone (s)

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In today’s world, a phone is not a luxury — it’s a necessity. From finding housing or a job to staying in touch with a friend, a therapist, or a case manager, young people experiencing homelessness need the lifeline which a phone and other devices provide.

Here’s one way you can help young people experiencing homelessness: have a smartphone lying around? Donate it to Keep Are Teens Safe. We’ll clean, reset, and update your device and pass it on to a young person in our programs.

While a phone won’t solve homelessness, it’s one tool that makes it easier for people to get the housing and jobs they need. Ultimately, KATS continues to rely on monetary donations from members of the community like you to provide the essential housing, education and mental health supports that will help young people reach their full potential. Contribute online https://www.katswi.org/  or contact KATS at (715)298-5053 to donate a device.